Nic Styx

One of the things that I’ve posted a lot about is the effect music has on my writing.

One day I was lying on the grass during the summer. There was jazz music wafting over the air, Halifax has an annual Jazzfest (which plays mostly rock and pop music, but this time it was actually jazz). The music was a slow, dark saxophone piece. The kind of music that makes me think of tough guys in bad suits and fedoras, beautiful women in evening gowns making bad choices about bad men. It inspired the Nix Styx series (which is in my WIP queue). The series is going to be a cyberpunk series with a film noir twist.

I think about half of my work is heavily music inspired. Nic Styx is one of the most direct. It was a mix of the world in front of me, modern, but poor and kind of falling apart, and that music, iconic and evocative.

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