I’m Out of Here

If all has gone according to plan I’m getting on an airplane today and flying to another continent. So, I’m going off topic today – I’m giving myself permission for that.

I haven’t been to Europe that I can remember. When I was very small (2 I think) apparently I lived in the UK for a while, 6 months or something. Now I’m going to Portugal, Spain, and France. It’s rushed. I think it might be more rushed than would be perfect, but the idea is that if we (my SO and I) find a place that seems to click we can go back and spend more time in that country. It’s 3 nights in Portugal, 6 in Spain, and 3 in France. There is also a night spent in transit between Spain and France.

It’s not a cheap trip. We have kept the costs down a bit, using Air B&B for a bunch of it, and cheap hotels off of hotels.com for the remainder. Doesn’t matter, the money was there, so we did it.

My posts are going to continue in my absence, but they will be automated. I will be writing the old fashioned way while I’m away. It’s probably not going to be either of my current serial releases though. I’m thinking I might do some Nic Styx, and I might let the place inspire me a bit, go off in mad directions, because I’m somewhere different.

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