Getting Unstuck

So, you have writers block? Nope, you don’t. What you have is laziness and fear. That’s all writers block is.

Luckily there’s a way to get around it. It’s pretty simple actually. Sit down and write. The trick is it doesn’t matter what you write. If you are stuck in your story, you can put a note to come back to that section and work ahead… that works most of the time. You can also write something else, something completely unrelated. My goto is short fiction, writing on another topic entirely. If you sit down and start typing you will start writing in no time, you will have no choice. Make it a free association piece, just start writing the first words that come to mind. If that doesn’t work for you, there are literally millions of writing prompts out there.

I think that most of the time writers block is perfectionism. If I can’t make it perfect, why the fuck should I bother with it at all?

Well, bad news, nothing is perfect. My work is far, far from it. Then again, so was Shakespeare’s. It doesn’t matter how bad (me) or good (Shakespeare) you are, your will never be perfect. If you are incredibly lucky you might churn out a few brilliant turns of phrase per book.

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