My mother’s book remains a bit of a thorn in my side. I don’t have all the fonts I would need to make changes in inDesign. My mother doesn’t own all of the fonts she used, her graphic designer owns a couple of them that I don’t have, and that my mother doesn’t have.

That’s normal by the way, graphic designers have their font libraries and are allowed to use them in client work. So, that means I can’t modify the original (that’s why it’s legal, we only have a printable copy). Now, there are copy edits that need to be done. Not a huge number, but some.

I can make the changes, directly to the PDF’s, because none of the changes are to pieces that use the fonts I don’t have, and Adobe Acrobat Pro will let me make these small changes to words I do have the fonts for. I can’t make changes if I don’t have the font I’m trying to make changes in installed on my system.

Acrobat is terrible for word process of any sort. It is clunky and weird to do text changes with.

If I was a traditional publisher I would make sure I owned all the fonts, but hey, you work with what you got.

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