Advertising is Dying

This blog is mostly ad supported. Well, I say that, but the reality is that I have made something like a dollar in the entire history of this blog. This is over thousands and thousands of hits over many months.

Most of the people viewing the page have an adblocker of some sort enabled.

I could be miffed about that, but it would be hypocrisy, unless I turn off my own adblocker. Instead I select some sites, ones that I like, respect, and trust, and I turn off my adblocker only for those sites.

There’s a few ways that the internet as a whole can get around this issue (and it is a huge one). We can forget about free, and have everything behind a paywall. That seems like a crappy solution. We can start demanding people turn off their adblockers, after all, we can detect them – right now. If that practice becomes widespread the adblockers will get smarter.

Finally, and this is my personal preference, we can stop serving up shitty ads that need to be blocked. Nobody minds a few respectful on topic non-intrusive ads… but the marketing companies want their ads to be noticed, so they have them make noise, pop over the page, all kinds of tactics to push their ads in our faces. By doing that they hurt the entire internet, they make it so that all of us need adblockers as a form of self protection.

If you own a website that does this, stop, stop now. In the end if we all show each other a tiny modicum of respect we make the internet a better place for all of us.

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