My life has some static right now.

Sure, I’m excited to be traveling in Europe, and my day job is great (I mean phenomenal), but the rest of my life is going through a bad patch.

A lot of it is relationship stuff, and then there is some family stuff weighing on my mind. Of course that puts me in a position to have a lot of angst I can put down in my work.

Angst is great for a writer. It give us fuel for our work. Most of my best writing has at least been conceived while I was in a lot of emotional turmoil.

It’s about channeling that angst into prose really, getting those feeling, that pain, out onto the page (or the screen in my case).

All the grammar rules, all the tricks of the trade, they aren’t worth much compared to a huge fight with my girlfriend in terms of producing quality stories.

I really wish my stuff was more mediocre right now.

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