Should I Take a Copy With Me?

A decision I am trying to make right now is whether or not to take a copy of my book with me to Europe. Of course by the time this post goes live I will have been there for a week and a half, but that isn’t the case as I write this.

So, do I take up space in my luggage for a copy of my book? I don’t think I do, because I’m not relying on this book for my income. If I were though, I would have a copy on me at all times. I would be able to say to people who asked me what I do “I’m a writer. I wrote this. You should buy a copy…” and have my square reader on me.

I don’t recommend being reliant on a single book. The best marketing is to have a lot of books, so that someone is more likely to stumble on one, and if they like it they are more likely to read more.

That’s my goal at least. Right now I have some short stories and a single novel (as well as the work I release on here in serial).

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