Donating My Book

I’m thinking of donating copies of my book to my local library. I don’t know if they will take it or not, but maybe.

See, if people are reading my book, maybe they are talking about it. If they are talking about it, maybe other people are buying it.

I have also considered dropping it into the free book selection at some local cafe’s, and at the college I teach at. It seems like all the campuses have free book areas.

Sure, it costs me money, but it gets my name out there, at least locally.

The next step after that would be free online giveaways.

I’m not doing any of that right now though. See, I only have one book. It might be that people buy my book on the word of mouth, but it might also be that the person who reads the free book likes it enough to read other stuff by me. If I don’t have other stuff that kind of defeats the purpose.

So, when I have the sequel to A Long Walk out there, I will start giving away some copies of the first one. Once I have three in the series written, then I will push the free version.

All of this assumes people like my writing… but I have to work on that assumption, or else why write at all?

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