Not keeping up

I’ve been a bad author. No new posts on here since Monday…

I’m back from Europe, and trying to readjust to life in Canada (my real life). My life has a bit of extra static right now, and I’m allowing it to mess with my writing schedule (it’s a conscious choice). Something had to give, and I picked my writing, including my blog.

One thing is that my SO is trying to sell her house right now. I live here, and it’s my home, but she owns it (the decision to sell is the right one, and I completely back it). I’m busy packing up my stuff so that the place doesn’t look too cluttered for buyers.

This also gives me an opportunity to de-clutter my life. I have done so, and have a lot less crap than I used to have.  It feels good, in many ways. I am a bit sad about my heavy bag though – mostly due to the fact that I have never actually had it usable since I bought it, making it feel like a huge waste of money. I didn’t have space for it at the place I lived when I bought it, and that has remained true every place I have lived since.

I even got rid of some books. Some of them even ones I love. I got rid of several hardcover volumes of the Wheel of Time series, mostly because there is no way I’m ever going to re-read the whole thing…

Anyway, I expect to be back to regular writing next week, as my day job is re-starting.

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