I’m working towards two anthologies. So far they have one story in common, but other than that are completely different.

Anthology 1 is going to be called Love Stories and contains a number of my shorter pieces. It’s sitting at 17k words right now, and I will probably release it once it crosses 50k. To me having at least that number of words makes it worth releasing as a book. The common theme all the stories have is that they are looking at love in some way. It’s not always romantic love.

The second one is called Trite Tales at the moment, although I may change that. It’s my funnier fantasy stuff. Genre busting and trope deconstruction is a huge part of it. So far I have two stories ready for that (one is also in Love Stories), with a bunch more planned. It’s sitting at just over 11k words and has the same release target. It’s a lot funnier than Love Stories (which is often kind of sad and depressing).

Anyway, they will come out soon enough. I release the stories in them as singles on Amazon for either $0.99 or $1.99, and I also make them free on this website. If you want to support me, you can either buy some stories or do up a Patreon pledge.

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