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I’ve been on hiatus from writing for a while (a breakup, major life changes, my day job getting very demanding of my time, etc. just wasn’t a good time).
I’m ready to get back to it, but I have a bunch of WIP’s right now, and I’m trying to decide which one to go with… So, as much as I usually don’t go this route – which sounds more interesting:

A vampire falls in love with a human – this is not paranormal romance but very pretentious and literary (I freely admit to my pretentious side). Basically exploring aging and societies fascination with youth and beauty as she ages and he does not.

A detective in the deep south is investigating a murder, he’s not sure if he committed it or not, he was with the victim at a private BDSM gathering and drank himself into a stupor after they left. She shows up strangled the next morning.

Twenty years after the zombie apocalypse humanity is trying to re-establish itself. A small group is trying to reclaim an island when they run into a group of religious fanatics who worship the zombies.

A detective in the near future is obsessed with film noir, to the point of styling his entire life after classic film noir characters – then he finds himself in the middle of a case that seems to be ripped right from the celluloid of his favourite movies.

Jenny is a demon hunter – has been her entire life. Her new sidekick/love interest is a normal girl who discovers the existence of demons when everyone at the party she is attending is killed. Think Sherlock Holmes/Watson dynamic with early twenties lesbian paranormal romance

I have a few more as well – but those are the ones I’m most interested in right now – I need help choosing one… can’t make up my mind at all right now.

Thanks in advance

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