The future of this site

So, when I started this site I had a release schedule. I have decided that I’m not sticking to that original schedule, but I haven’t decided on what I’m moving to.

One major issue was releasing a new piece of fiction twice a week. It was a huge amount of pressure, and I decided that I wasn’t up to it. It may have been a major contributing factor in my extended hiatus. I felt like I couldn’t start up again unless I was able to get back to that schedule, so I just put it off. So, this is me failing, and accepting that I failed, and moving on.

One thing I do know is that from time to time I will publish fiction. Hell, at some point I will finish spellcraft and heavy artillery – but I think I will finish it, then release it as a serial, complete with continuity edits and theme edits and all of that cool shit.

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