A marketing genius

I am not a marketing genius, at all. I’m incapable of doing even basic marketing in a normal way. Part of that might be my agreement with Bill Hicks (see link above), but part of it is that I’m a terrible target for marketing. I almost always hate marketing campaigns, and I rarely find them effective. On the rare occasions where they work on me, it’s due to them being very outside the mainstream, and they tend to alienate everyone who isn’t me… not saying I’m special, just that I come from a different set of sensibilities.

The end result of this is I create things based on whatever weird ideas I have in my own head. I don’t really have a choice, I can’t go and create things for the mainstream, I don’t understand them. I wish I could claim artistic integrity, but I can’t… It’s not part of who I am to create for the mainstream. Hell, I wish I could… I’m more than happy to sell out, I just have to figure out how to make something somebody wants to buy.

Now, this isn’t saying what I have created is revolutionary. The truth is A Long Walk is a pretty mediocre zombie novel that doesn’t explore much in the way of new territory. I like it, and I think some other people will, it’s a decent adventure, and I’m told that at least one of the characters resonates with a lot of people… but I didn’t write it for appeal, other than to me. If I ever figure out how to fix that I will…

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