Waiting for sanity

I think I’m manic right now.

I can’t seem to stop writing, and I have a number of other projects on the go. I’m still having moments of despair (see my post from a few days ago) but I’m also doing so much more right now than I have in a long time.

Over the last several months I was in a very, very dark place in some ways. I was happy today, but there was an underlying current of sorrow, of depression, of pain. I’ve let that go.

It’s ironic because of course, my life fell apart. The woman I was with for four years and I split up, I moved, started dating someone new. I let my life fall apart more, stopped following my routines, stopped keeping up.

I think I had breakdown.

The end result, was a feeling of freedom, once I started to pick myself up.

Anyway, that’s getting too personal, but what the hell… I’m feeling lighter than air right now.

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