Blogging and word count

I write a thousand words a day on average. It’s a decent pace, and doesn’t take much time. It takes about thirty five minutes for me to do a thousand words at first draft quality.

That word count of course only involves work on my WIP. If I’m working on writing for this blog, it is in addition to my word count. Of course that brings up the thought “Oh, you poor, poor man. You have to work thirty five minutes on writing… and then you have to work even more. So, so hard put upon. I bet you might even put in an hour on your writing in a day.”

That’s fair, although because I tend to batch write blog posts it probably works out to a little bit less than that. I write a whole bunch of them in a row, schedule them, and then they appear automatically.

For example, this post is scheduled for April 22nd 2017. I’m writing it on the 18th.

Also, my word count per post tends to be between 100 and 200 words, so pretty small. Sure, there’s the odd effort post – but it’s mostly quick and easy stuff.

Tomorrow I plan to write about the value of being a doomsday prepper for horror writers (actually I will be writing it as soon as I hit the schedule button on this post – but you know what I mean).

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