Prepping and the horror genre

I’m a bit of a survivalist. Not a serious one, but you know, I have a bug out bag, and a back-up bug out bag. I have a location picked for bugging out, that’s well stocked and remote. It’s a family camp on an island with a fairly robust set of amenities (bunks, propane, food stores, etc.). The camp is only accessible by boat, and it’s way, way off the beaten path.

I also have a backup plan, and an alternate backup plan, and a third backup plan.

Okay, maybe I’m a bit paranoid – but I treat everything in a fairly practical way. My actual most likely scenario for why I might need these sorts of resources is a bad storm that knocks out power and take away municipal services for a while. My apartment is great, but in a power down scenario it is not the most practical place. Our grid here is clearly reasonably stressed, since we have had a few longer power downs…

None of this is really relevant to this blog though. This is my writing blog. So, what the hell does all of this have to do with writing?

Well, a lot. When I was writing A Long Walk I drew very heavily on research I have done into disaster preparedness and survival. Most of what I presented Jasper doing in that book is completely practical survival techniques. When I presented Robert’s organization, it was actually based on people I know in the community. The other piece of my survivalist tendencies is straight up research. I didn’t include any techniques that don’t work… even if I didn’t go that heavily into details with all of them.

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