Tried Kindle Unlimited

I have a short story that has been very, very popular on this site. As an experiment I took it down and put it up on Kindle Unlimited.

To date five people have read it on KU. All five of them during my free trial.

None of them reviewed it. See, I would love negative reviews, I would love positive review. I would love review, or feedback, or something of the sort… but so far no such luck.

I had to take the story off the site, because that’s part of the terms of KU. I did it to see if I would reach a wider audience that way, not out of any desire to make extra money off of it.

As an experiment it was great – I got the information I was looking for. My conclusions are that KU reduces my audience share, at least at my current level of promo. Now I’m going to change things up a tiny bit. I’m going to link the story from here, see if people are more inclined to read it on KU, or when I have it directly on the site – I suspect that I will be putting the story back on this site in the near future. Here it is – Almost Like Wearing Nothing At All my very silly fantasy story (and my most popular short story to date).

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