A fan

Apparently, I have a fan…

I work at a medium-sized college, one of the smaller campuses though. We have a coffee shop in the atrium, just inside the front entrance. I say hi to the woman who works there most days. Her daughter read A Long Walk, and has apparently been telling her mom to bug me about the sequel. It’s actually a really cool feeling. Here’s a woman I’ve never met, with only a casual connection to me, wanting me to publish a specific thing because she loved the last one. Now, Resource Economies (the sequel) is at 35k words and is planned to go to 90k. It still has a long way to go, and then it needs editing, but still, it’s in progress. Technically if I made it my main project I could have the first draft complete in just under two months. I’m working on another project right now, but I do plan for Resource Economies to come next. Resource Economies is darker than A Long Walk in many ways, but it’s also harder to write. The increased length is only part of why. A Long Walk was largely written to break my fear of finishing, of releasing, so I allowed it to be rougher, Resource Economies I’m writing because it’s the main world I want to write in… at least for a while. I feel a lot more pressure to make it good.

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