Trying to figure out the new cover

So, I need a cover that works in a thumbnail, says zombie fic to those who are looking for such, and reflects my personal sensibilities – okay, the last one is probably optional, but still, it’s kind of a thing. I very, very rarely like zombie novel covers. My sensibilities are still stuck in the original Night of the Living Dead, and in Grindhouse Cinema in general. I find that most modern zombie novels kind of go for this ultra slick, TV poster, soulless approach. The experimentation is gone, replaced by slick marketing. I got into this genre because I love the experimental stuff, the random, out there, the weird.

I don’t know the answer, I do however know that I don’t want Jasper to be a man in camo gear with night vision goggles looking at the reader from the cover while standing in front of a generic abandoned city. Of course, that’s probably exactly what I’ll end up with.

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