Asimov’s method for breaking writers block

My long term plan is to have a whole lot of books published. I don’t necessarily need to stick to a release schedule, so I can actually work a little differently than writers who depend on writing for a living, or who have contracts with publishers.

Sometimes I get stuck on a story. Now, what I used to do was just start writing any random crap and eventually the block would fade and I would start writing that story. Isaac Asimov wrote over five hundred books in his lifetime, and many of those became genre classics. One of the things he did was have a huge number of works in progress. He would simply switch books if he ever hit a block. In aggregate it meant his output was huge, but one book could take a while. It occurred to me the other day that this method would work well for my goals. So here it is… my writing something until the block ends is now writing for another book.

Tomorrow I’m going to explain how that works, by posting a full list of my current works in progress as well as some of the status of them.

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