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This is a list of works I’m currently working on. Some are halfway, some are a quarter way, some are near the beginning. I have included the current word count and how many words I want them to get to. Some of them have a bunch of parts already on this site. I will also include some anthologies I’m working on, but those are different, as I don’t work on them as stories, but rather when I complete a story that fits the theme I throw it in.

Short Fiction

  • A Lonely Boy – A lone survivor of an apocalypse reflects on the loss of his wife. At 103 of 5,000 words
  • The tower – Outline only. A man is trapped on top of a guard tower with tens of thousands of zombies wandering around below him. Planned for less than 5,000 words
  • Salt Tears – A kind of vampire, he lives on the suffering of others, but he’s actually a nice guy 728 of 5,000 words
  • The Chosen Pigherder – What if the child of prophecy was actually just really, really good at raising livestock and kind of sucked at being a hero? 1,425 words of 5,000
  • The Idle Times – A dinner party after humanity transforms into something else. 174 of 5,000 words


  • The Accused – This is a working title and the final will be different. It’s literary,
    not genre and is a novel about a teacher who is accused of sexually assaulting one of his students.
    It’s a false accusation, but the impact on his life continues long after that is revealed. Currently at 16,651 words. I plan at least 70,000 for this one, although it could easily end up much longer
  • Sunrise – Another working title. I have no idea whether the final title will be the same or different. It’s about a vampire and human who fall in love and is not what you would expect at all. It’s also in a weird state word count wise. I have a great deal written on paper, but only 3,227 words in the computer. I plan for it to hit at least 50,000 but it is likely to be longer than that
  • Cast the First Stone – A detective is assigned to a murder investigation the morning after a night of partying and drinking. The victim is the woman he was with the night before, and he has gaps in his memories… involves a strong flavour of BDSM. Only at 1,155 words and planned for 80,000
  • Untitled Detective Novel – Clearly I haven’t come up with the title for this one, although it’s book one of a comedic cyber-noir series about a detective who thinks of himself as a classic Noir detective, but isn’t at all. It’s a tricky one because I have books full of handwritten story, but so far have only managed to 2,246 words into the computer – planned for 80,000 although I may actually cap this one smaller
  • Spellcraft and Heavy Artillery – My epic fantasy novel, it’s a strange book. I can’t seem to do anything normal. So, Spellcraft and Heavy Artillery is about war in a world where magic is common. at 23,985 words, planned for 120,000. This is a big undertaking, and it’s book one but I plan to leave room for sequels (although book one will be a complete story)
  • Resource Economies – Book two of the world of the dead series. Book one is already out and available, has been for a while. Book two picks up twenty years later. The dead rule most of the world, but there are a few small pockets where humanity has established itself. The population of living humans is growing and they are starting to need more resources and more space. The plan is to take back areas previously lost. Another group of survivors has an issue with the main characters moving into their area. At 35,167 of a planned 90,000 words
  • The Boyscout – This is only at outline stage, not actual words written. A boyscout ends up lost alone in the woods when the zombies rise
  • Sunset – No word count on this one, because it’s still all on paper. I guess it’s about a hundred pages hand written. The beginning of the singularity and the end of humanity as we know it
  • Untitled post-apocalyptic novel – A plague has killed most of humanity and was much worse on women than men. Cassie is trying to maintain her independence in a world that views her body as a commodity to be used by others – Less than a hundred words and an outline so far. Will be around 50,000 words
  • The Strange Tales of Jenny Dark Book 1 – Jenny has an addiction to demon blood and a mission to destroy the demons that killed her family. Told from the view of her assistant/girlfriend Miranda. It’s kind of teen paranormal lesbian romance meets Sherlock Holmes. Not sure of the word count, again, all on paper. Planned for 60,000 words


  • Love Stories: A collection of short work that features love as the main theme. These are very dark for the most part and are probably too depressing for most sane people – Word Count: 17,446 – Minimum word count for release: 50,000
  • Trite Tales: Weird fantasy stories. A lot of these are humour, and they are kind of twisted. Includes my most popular short story, Almost Like Wearing Nothing At All – Word Count: 10,463 – Minimum word count for release: 60,000
  • Tales from the World of the Dead: I have a zombie series. It’s meant to be novels and short stories. These are the first several short stories from that world – Word Count: 2,195 – Minimum word count for release: 50,000

So, that’s them – a lot of stuff right now. I flit back and forth, and average a thousand words a day – although I could easily be going more and I think I will be.

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