What goes around comes around

Many, many years ago I listened to a lot of acid jazz. It was fun stuff, electronic with a jazzy feel. It has inspired a great deal of my writing and may be part of why I have so many noir influences in my work. A couple of years ago I got really into electro swing. It was fun stuff, electronic with a jazzy feel.

Right now I’m listening to Nujazz a fair bit. It’s fun stuff, electronic with a jazzy feel.

Take the acid jazz I used to listen to, the electro swing I used to listen to, and the Nujazz I listen to now, it’s all pretty much the same stuff. Maybe electro swing is faster paced, maybe there was more original content in acid jazz, but it’s so similar that if you didn’t know these were different genre’s of music, you would never be able to tell by listening to them.

This is true of literature as well, trends come and go, they change over time, but the old always comes back, maybe in a different form (after all, none of the genre’s of music I’m talking about are actual jazz). Writing to trends can get you an income, but it won’t get you timelessness.

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