Using a pen name

I have some stuff I’m writing right now that I’m using a pen name for.

Now, I’m not using a pen name to hide my identity at all, in fact, it’s an alias I sometimes use online and is kind of a known thing… it’s to prevent genre confusion.

I decided I wanted to write some erotica, and now I’m working on a short story, that’s going to end up being in a collection of short erotica. I won’t be releasing this collection under my own name, because it might be too much of a genre shock (not sure who would be more shocked, people looking for pulp zombie fic who run into a threesome in a villa in Costa Rica or people looking for sultry tropical sex running into non-sexy vampires). Anyway, the first story should be done shortly (think next week or so) and edited soon after that. Once it happens I will launch through this site, and I will try to market it a bit wider than usual.

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