Feeling refreshed and damn the spammers

Well, my little trip out of town was great and gave me a bunch of inspiration for writing. Some of it just in setting, but the tone of the town was very different. I’ve driven through Wolfville a number of times and even eaten there a time or two, but this was my first time staying there. It’s a great little town and I had a wonderful time. The food was a real highlight for me. Everything I ate was amazing.

So, now I’m back. I checked my comments on this blog. Damn, there was a lot of them – everything from payday loans to herbal viagra to word salad with a link in the user profile to a spam website. As you can probably tell by looking at the bottom of most articles, I didn’t approve any of them. In fact, I rarely do. I’m very, very fussy about what makes it on my site comment wise.

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