There was an election yesterday

The big talk where I live is low voter turnout today.

Now, normally I don’t talk politics on this blog (I have another one for that) but in this case, I’m going to… just a little.

Why was voter turnout so low? Well, our incumbent premiere is weirdly popular outside of the capital city. For some reason, rural voters buy the whole “We have to cut all the things to balance the books” not realizing that most of the things he is cutting are in fact revenue generators. I used the example last night that it’s like Deciding to quit your job because gas is costing you too much.

So, that’s one thing. The other thing – there are two other parties, one is the conservatives and right now after decades of conservative rule on the federal level, nobody wants to give any conservative a single ounce of power. On the other hand, the final party is moderately leftist. That party was in power here recently and screwed it up. Sure, the party has changed leadership since then but most people still view them as the same party that screwed us over four years ago. So, our choices are all shit.

Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote, but damn it’s a hard decision sometimes. Me, I was in the anyone but Stephen McNeil camp. Anyone dumb enough to quit their job to save gas money doesn’t deserve to be elected.

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