How to genre hop

This is more of a question for me than an answer. I have WIP’s in about five different genre’s, from horror to lit to erotica. I figure I need to come up with at least a few pen names to manage that, but then I feel like I might be diluting my reach because I will have less work available per pen name. Now, the erotica I figure pretty much has to get its own pen name – at least one (although if I go too far down that rabbit hole maybe I need several).

I don’t know how to manage that off the top of my head, also how to choose pen names. I mean, my own name is pretty unique and probably very recognizable on its own however if I want pen names to have a similar level of recognizability I will have to choose carefully. I don’t know, all I do know is that this needs to be managed carefully. Maybe I will link all of them to this blog – after all, the main reason for doing it is to spare people from picking up a book thinking it will be one thing and having it be another, not like I’m trying to hide my identity.

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