When good franchises go bad

Alien is one of my favourite movies. Aliens is also a great work of art. I didn’t think Alien 3 was great, but I understand why it failed and it was a valiant attempt at creating something. Alien Ressurection was bad. Just bad. Not much redeeming it, despite having several actors I love in it (Michael Wincott is highly underrated and deserves to be in way more movies). Now, I didn’t think it could get worse. I just tried to sit through Alien: Covenant. Holy shit. I think the key problem is the lack of a single relatable character. There was just nobody I cared in the slightest about. Also, they were all idiots. The whole thing, it just cheapens the original movies. I don’t think it ruins them, as I can just decide that those films aren’t canon and watch the original without them in my head, but damn…

There is no Ellen Ripley in the latest movie. Nobody even close. For some reason, I think Ridley Scott thinks that the androids are what makes those movies interesting. They aren’t. It’s the Aliens and the humans that create the basic dynamic of the movies. The innate humanity vs. the complete inhumanity. So, for that to work you have to care about the humans. They have to be fleshed out, complete and three dimensional. These were anything but that.

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