I lack organization. This comes as a shock to nobody who has ever met me. It’s something I struggle with. I find that I get tossed in too many directions at once, and end up adrift. I’m trying something new this week. I’m trying to block off large blocks of time for specific projects. Now, the reality is I have at least five major projects on the go, and when I get overwhelmed I watch crappy TV shows instead of working on those projects. As a break that’s fine, as a five-hour block of time in the middle of the afternoon, not so much.

So, I’m scheduling. Loosely right now, because I don’t want to lock myself into something rigid I can’t keep to, but still… so, for example, tomorrow I will be writing for the magazine for a block, then writing fiction, then working on code for one of my projects, then code for another project. There are breaks scheduled in there (from noon to 1 is lunch, and of course I’m using the Pomodoro technique, so every 25 minutes there’s a five-minute break). I’ll update this space for how it goes.

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