End Goals

I recently decided on something radical: I want to make money as a writer. I know, madness right?

Here’s the thing, I really like writing and I would like to do it as my primary job. I like it a great deal more than programming, I mean, as Dean Wesley Smith pointed out, it’s making up stories for a living. To that end, I’ve really started to put this whole getting organized thing into practice.

I use the Pomodoro technique for motivation, I’m carving out blocks of time in my day to write, coming up with promotional strategies, hell I even have ads up on HalifaxHRM.com right now. So, it means my writing now comes with a bit more pressure. I’m thinking of revamping my Patreon page as well since I have exactly 0 subscribers. It’s not surprising, I’ve pretty much anti-pitched it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t change it to get subscribers.

Don’t worry, I won’t suddenly become the begs for money guy, for the most part my content will remain the same, although as I market things I will pass the information on to you, dear readers.

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