I have a short story in an anthology that’s about to come out. It’s pretty exciting, and I’m reading the anthology right now. Some amazing stuff. All the authors in the anthology are in the same Facebook group, and we were all in the same online writing course. It’s interesting to see where people have taken the same lessons. Also, the connections I have made through this group are fascinating. Most are from the UK strangely, despite the course being quite international in nature. I happen to be Canadian, so a different perspective, but not quite an American one.

Reading the stories, I don’t know, there’s a flavour to UK writing that I quite like. It’s something different from American fiction. I don’t know if there’s a Canadian flavour or not, as a Canadian, it would be hard for me to taste (to strain a metaphor to the breaking point).

Anyway, looking forward to the release of the collection. It will be linked many places from this site when it comes out (and it will be available for free).

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