A Thousand Words a Day

My target for writing is a thousand words a day. I manage it fairly frequently, but I’m not as reliable as I want to be. In the last thirty days, I have written twenty-two thousand words (not counting blog only or written for the magazine – this is only my fiction writing). My longest streak of managing to hit my target every day was ten days, and it was a while ago.

So, do streaks really matter? Yes, they do. When I manage a streak, my thousand words, work starts to accumulate, I produce stories. It’s really simple, as the quantity of fiction increases, so does my quality… and that’s a really clear trend. I write more, I get better at writing.

Right now I’m in the middle of a decent streak – lots of work coming out. Of course, some of it is for one of my side projects, so it’s written under a pen name. That work won’t be directly referenced from this blog, but still, lots of work getting produced. I have met my target the last four days, and only missed one day of it before that. It’s funny, I can kind of tell how organized my life is by how often I meet my various targets. Writing is kind of the baseline, if I’m not meeting my thousand words per day my life is a mess. If I’m not meeting my language learning goals, well, thing’s aren’t great.

The one that usually falls down is my fitness goals – hence the ten to fifteen extra pounds sitting on my mid section right now. In a perfect world, I would meet that goal as well… and I’m working on it.

Routine is a challenge, especially since I’m not answerable to someone else these days, at least not for my day to day time.

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