Small barriers

Sometimes there are small barriers in life, just little tiny things. A good example is dishes. I have a goal of doing dishes every day before I go to bed. Now, I don’t have a dishwasher, so I have to hand wash dishes, and if I do them every day it’s not a big deal at all. If I put them off for a few days it becomes a big deal.

So, barrier 1 is number of dishes. Barrier 2 is are there dishes in the sink? If there are dishes in the sink I have to clear the sink before I can do dishes. I’m way, way less likely to do the dishes if I have to clear the sink before I do them. I know this about myself, so I should never put dishes in the sink.

Barrier 3 is have I put the last load of dishes away? If the dish drainer is full of dishes I have to put dishes away before I do dishes. I’m way less likely to do dishes if I have to put dishes away before I do them.

These are all small barriers. Putting the dishes away probably takes under five minutes, clearing the sink even less. Yet, they stop me… I go to do the dishes, I see these extra steps, and I walk away.

Writing is like that too. Right now I have a single computer, it serves as my home entertainment system and my work space, for all of the work I do. If my computer is hooked up to my TV it’s not well set up for writing or programming, so I put off the work I’m doing and watch TV instead. I know, it’s stupid, but there it is.

So, a personal goal: get a media PC and leave it hooked up to the TV full time. That way my laptop can revert to what it should be for. Another personal goal: start eliminating all of the small barriers to productivity, wherever I can.

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