Cover Building

I’m finding that most of the ways I want to build covers for my books are non-standard, and I think that hurts my sales. The problem is that in the genre’s I tend to write in the covers are, well, awful. I want to make covers that are art. Of course, that’s just me being a sensitive artist, something I should really give up if I want to make a living at this writing thing.

I’m trying an experiment, with one of my other imprints (a pen name okay, please forgive the marketing speak), I’m trying a more standard cover. Now, this other identity needs to be established, a website built, an author page created, etc. But I’m working on covers for this identity and they are much more standard for the genre they write in. If it works I may redo the cover for Almost Like Wearing Nothing at All, but I just have to find an attractive blonde who has a chain mail bikini (I feel like creating a chain mail bikini for the project might be too much time and energy!).

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