Patreon – Come On, You Know You Want To!

At the moment my Patreon is sitting at a solid 0 subscribers. Good numbers!

Now, when I say you know you want to, I would love to get some of the folks reading this to subscribe to my Patreon, so that I could see some actual results, but for the time being, I’m less worried about that than am about why I’m at 0.

So, here’s the ask: tell me what would help you to want to subscribe to my Patreon page. I’m going to be working on that from a bunch of different sources but at a minimum, I would love to hear from my friends and family. What would inspire you to shell out a couple of dollars a month? Is my $4.00 per month too high an ask? I was thinking of setting a $1.00 level (with a reward of my gratitude). Is it the wording I’m using? Is what I’m asking for too strange?

I’m clueless here.

And of course, should you decide to subscribe you will have my gratitude, and a signed copy of A Long Walk

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