Spontaneous Sales

When I promote a new piece of facebook and twitter I usually get a few sales. Typically only three or four, but that’s cool. I’m building a catalog of content, and over time I hope sales will increase. What is currently freaking me out is spontaneous sales. That is, I look at my stats and discover someone has bought something I wrote without me doing anything to market it.

Now, it doesn’t happen often, in fact only a handful of times so far, but it has happened. People have found my work and decided to buy it spontaneously. On the one hand it’s a cool feeling, but on the other hand, I’m still new enough and dealing with small enough numbers, that I’m shocked by it every time. I even had people read a short piece of mine on KDP select. A true shock (it’s written under a different name, so doesn’t really advertise my main writing identity). I have actual KENP now!

Of course, this is the goal, so I probably shouldn’t be too shocked when it actually happens, but I still am. Maybe someday, a few years down the road, I’ll be more interested in the number of people who bought one of my books… but right now it’s still a surprise when a single one sells.

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