Money Gets Tight

Another edit. This was where I was when I wrote it. Looking at my money situation was challenging, and with the state of depression I was feeling, it felt hopeless. I’m doing a bit better now. I try to be pretty unfiltered here, mostly so that anyone starting where I am now, but in the future, can see the real struggles I’m going through. I hope that in the end, it’s a persistence pays off story, an exciting tale of making it despite adversity, but it’s way too early to tell yet.

Another side effect of this writing for a living thing is that I’m pretty broke. Like, extremely broke. I get a little bit of money coming in, and I have a larger chunk coming in soon. Thing is, it leaves me so short of money I’m having to make some compromises. I hope I can survive this period, at least until the larger money comes in.

It would help a great deal if I was selling books, or if I had subscribers to my Patreon (which I’ve decided is terrible and needs to be completely reworked – I have to figure out how to appeal to people).

So, for anyone who’s been following, I’m broke, severely depressed, and feeling pretty damned hopeless. Still, I keep writing. I think that in the end, that’s the only way through this… keep going no matter what happens, write as long as I can, try to market, try to get some sales, and hope that I can do enough in time. It’s going all in, trying everything to make this work. Sometimes you just need to take the leap.

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