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This is the third in a series of posts I wrote while at the severe depths of depression. Once again, I’m not in that moment now. Still writing a hell of a lot, but not in the dark place I talked about. My fridge is full of food, I’ve figured out my budget so spending is alrigh.I’m sleeping well, on a good schedule. Things are not terrible right now. When I wrote this they kind of were. Thing is, you don’t have to be in that dark place to be that productive, I was just trying to find any silver lining I could. My productivity has actually gone up since I got more positive, although what I’m writing is still deeply twisted.

One thing about the dark place in my life… I have a lot of time right now. Like, huge amounts of it. I’m a little bit low on food, so I’m conserving calories. Means I don’t spend much time cooking, and I don’t spend much time eating. I don’t really have money to go out, so I’m not doing that either, and as I mentioned I can’t sleep. The end result of this is that I spend most of my time writing. Either fiction, magazine articles, promo pieces, or blog posts. I’m about two weeks ahead on blog posts right now and still working on more.

I keep pushing out content, faster every day. It’s a weird thing, as my world narrows and I get more constricted I find I’m able to write faster, write more. Some of the fiction I’m writing is really good, dark, but good. Dark in a weird way for me as well, it’s tinged by what’s in my head.

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