One Weird Trick for Building Traffic on Your Website

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Okay, the clickbait title just makes me laugh. The trick isn’t really a trick. It’s very simple. Update your content all the time.

I took some time off from posting a couple of times, and each time my traffic dropped like a stone. It usually takes a couple of days for me to lose the traffic, but it’s really clear.

I pay a great deal of attention to my blog stats, not because I’m a traffic whore, but because my background is in programming and databases. I’m a data nerd basically, and I love trend analysis. So, as soon as I stop the daily posts my traffic bottoms out. It takes time, and it doesn’t seem to quite vanish, but it does drop like you wouldn’t believe.

I start posting every day and it picks up fast.

Some kinds of content allow it to grow faster than others. Fiction, marketing, productivity those seem to be the biggest ones for me, but it doesn’t seem to make that big a difference. It’s really about daily updates. I don’t know if another schedule would do the same thing, but then again I don’t know that it wouldn’t. I’ve been daily when I’m actually updating for as long as I’ve been writing this blog.

I’m playing with other things to see what works, different keyword strategies, different kinds of content, etc. and as I get results I will post them.

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