Music is my Salvation

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I’ve posted a lot in the past about how music inspires my writing, sets the mood. I’m going to talk about how music makes me able to function now, a very different topic.

I’m thinking about creating a new category. Maybe I’ll call it TMI, or self-indulgent whining, or something like that. Anyway, this post belongs in that category, although maybe less whining than others.

Right now I’m listening to a band I haven’t heard before. They are called Zardonic and the album is Vulgar Display of Bass. It’s hard industrial and loud as hell. It’s pretty good, I’m enjoying it a great deal. I don’t know anything about them, other than that they have a good sound, or rather a sound that works for me.

When I write I always have music going. I’ve written a great deal lately about being broke, lonely, depressed. Music is what keeps that at bay enough for me to function even on bad days. The irony here is that I recently realized that my isolation is somewhat self-induced and that it’s mostly just being without co-workers. The whole writing process makes you feel disconnected, even when you aren’t. It’s a connection, mental, even physical, I’m a dancer… not like someone who has been trained to dance, but someone who just moves his body whenever there’s a rhythm to move to, I even type to the rhythm (I am more productive when listening to faster music). Having a good track on while I write makes the whole process feel less isolated, more connected to the world.

Might work for you too, although a lot of you probably won’t be into Zardonic…

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