Why I’m Putting My Entire Book Online

An Abundance of Yumminess

Putting a long walk online in serial form is an experiment. It’s an entire novel, and one I do sell (buy it here… please?). The purpose of the experiment is, well, actually there are a few.

Number one is that I’m philosophically inclined to believe in giving things away and trusting the goodness of people to allow those things to make money. Maybe it’s naive, I guess I’ll find out. Mind you, I could give it away and make no money simply because people don’t like it very much. The data will tell me that (if I have massive traffic to the novel, but nobody pays anything, either via Patreon of direct sales, well, I guess I was wrong – if a small number of people read it for free and nobody pays for, guess it isn’t as good as I think it is).

Number two is that I want to see if it gets my traffic up the way I believe it will. It’s a form of marketing. Now, the tricky bit is that belief number one means anything I write under my own name will eventually end up on here, at or around the same time I release it for sale. Yeah, I know, that may be idiotic, but what the hell… I’m taking a chance on my core beliefs about people. As to getting traffic up, it clearly does do that. Whenever I release a longer piece of fiction with multiple parts it ends up increasing my traffic.

Now I have to see if eyeballs equal food in my cupboard at some point.

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