Working on Goals

A Dog Stares at a Floating Stick

I took a bunch of paper and put it up on the wall next to my bed. Each piece of paper contains goals, some short term, some long term.

I have always been without goals, without a real sense of direction. I just kind of started working in IT and kept doing it. Then the tide swept me over to teaching, so I did that. Now, I have a goal, I have a direction I’m going in. This writing thing has actually been a goal for many, many years, but one I didn’t really work towards.

Now, my long term plans, even after I secure making a living, all of that, is to keep writing. It’s what I love to do, it’s the thing that brings joy to my heart (there are a few people who do so as well, but it’s the only work I have found that does).

I’m not a big believer in treasure mapping. I do however believe that by having your goals clear in your mind you can work towards them, recognize opportunities to achieve those goals that you would not have seen otherwise. This is what I’m hoping at least, that by focusing on goals more I can begin a process that will lead to those goals being realized.

I think action is the cure for depression, and goals are the path to correct action.

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