I Suck at Marketing

I’m reading an article on how to make a living as an author right now, and it’s all about writing to market. Something I explicitly don’t do. I probably should, but I have this stupid idea in my head that I’m an artist. I don’t know, I hope that in the long run, it turns out that this means I have a voice that people like and read, but in the short term it seems like it might be another self-sabotage tactic.

Now, that doesn’t mean I can’t market a book well. What means I can’t market a book well is that I suck at marketing. Truly, I’m the worst at it. My strategy seems to be to write a lot and hope people notice. Really, that seems like a bad strategy.

To help counter that I have my new goals setting strategy. I look at my goals board and think “is what I’m doing right now helping to achieve that?” and usually the answer is, well, no.

I have some ideas for how to market, and now that I’m doing this writing thing on a more serious basis I’m going to start implementing them. One of them is my Patreon. Hopefully, by the time this is published I will have updated it. Right now my basic strategy is “Hey, I like writing, give me money so I can keep writing.” Other people seem to have gone with a more “Hey, look at the cool stuff I give you if you give me money.” so, I’m going to try that approach as soon as I figure out my reward structure.

I also need to write blurbs for my books, create ads, etc. and of course, write books. That’s a big one, the writing books.

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