Developing Rules for Getting Books Written

A Factory Through Weeds

I write a lot of short stories, and fewer novels – although I do have three novels that are fairly far along. One is over 35k words right now, and I’m going back to that one. I will finish it, then I will finish the 23k one, then I will finish the 19k one. After that I will start to work back on smaller pieces or even start new projects… but only once those ones are finished.

I’m also instituting a new rule for myself. Novel work at least four days a week, I can do short stories the other three if I have ones that really need it. Again, contest entries or deadlines on a short story mean I can reprioritize until that story is done or the deadline has flown past me.

This schedule is designed to get work finished. When my goal was just to develop a catalog and it didn’t matter how long it took me to get that catalog written the way I was working worked fine. Now though, I have a limited time to get this writing thing working. It’s a little less than ten months by the way, although if after five it looks like it isn’t happening I have to go back to IT and keep writing as a hobby. So, five months to get a few novels out and start making money. It doesn’t have to be sustainable by the five-month mark, but I have to see that it’s a real possibility that it could be.

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