Getting a new Workflow for Covers

Thor the Bearded Dragon

Well, I can’t afford Adobe CC anymore, at least not right now.

Obviously, CC is the best tool kit for cover design, and I really miss it… it made my life so much easier. Well, I’m trying out a different set of tools. All the current tools I’m using are open source tools. Philosophically it’s much better aligned to my belief structure, but it’s a damn sight harder to use. Part of that is simply that I know the Adobe tools very, very well. Photoshop is pretty much second nature to me, and I’ve even managed to get good with InDesign and Illustrator. Now I’m using Scribus, Inkscape, the GIMP. These are all powerful, well-made tools, with amazing feature sets. The UX is terrible on all of them. I’m also trying out RawTherapee for managing my raw images (I am a photographer, although I currently don’t shoot most of my own covers for cost reasons). It’s, well, it’s an adjustment.

I’ll probably talk more about it, or else get enough money coming in from my Patreon or my book sales to start using Adobe CC again… and then I’ll have to make a decision. It would be an easier decision is Adobe supported Linux, but right now they are the only reason I kept using windows for the last several years. Now that I can’t use them I might just drop windows entirely. If that happens I probably won’t ever go back to them.

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