Removed a Barrier

No Barriers

I managed to get my hands on a second-hand computer, thanks to my friend and colleague Barry. It is now my home entertainment system, so now I don’t have to unhook my laptop and set it up in the office after I’ve been watching a movie. That may seem like a minor change, but it’s actually huge. It means that I am able to far, far more easily maintain discipline and keep my work flow going.

It also means that if I so choose I could theoretically even throw on a movie and keep working (something I do every once in a while if I need the mental distraction). It’s a huge, huge benefit to me. The computer isn’t all that powerful, so I threw Linux Mint on it (okay, I would have done that no matter what, Mint is my first choice for an entertainment box). It’s also running both Kodi and Plex, for different purposes.

Anyway, the details don’t matter, all that really matters is that when I want to use a home entertainment system I have one, and when I want to work I can as well. Just taking that step away from my writing process has made me much more productive.

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