3 Over 20

I have three novels that are in progress that are over 20,000 words. If I’d worked on just one of them I might be done by now. I might not as well, one of the three is scheduled for over 120,000 words. Thing is, it’s a lot of words, and it’s happened while also writing short fiction and maintaining this blog. It’s not a bad word count.

I’m starting to come around to the idea that word count is the most important thing. For a long time, I was resistant to it, but I’m finding that as I write more and more I’m getting better – although this blog is repeating itself from time to time. The point is, I have all these novels that are part way through. Hell, one has crossed the 40k mark, so I suspect that I will be slowing down on the writing and starting editing in the relatively near future.

It’s hard for me to even think about. My problem isn’t that I’m running out of ideas, it’s that I’m forcing myself to take steps back so I don’t burn out. It’s a weird place to be in.

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