A New Month – How Far Ahead I Write

A Butterfly in Flowers

I often mention that I write ahead, I do this because I want to be transparent. So, how far ahead? It varies of course, but I’m writing this post on August 10th. I think this is the furthest ahead I’ve managed to get, but I’m often two weeks ahead.

Of course, that means things might have changed a great deal since I wrote a given post. I wrote about insomnia and had managed to correct the issue and had some of the best sleep of my life between the time I wrote it and the time it was published. I have edited posts after writing them, before they were published, because my life had changed enough that what I had written no longer made even the slightest bit of sense. I used to refuse to do that, I used to have a rule that if I wrote something it would go live. I managed to post a couple of things that hurt people I didn’t want to hurt so I changed the policy. Now if a post is completely wrong or so out of date that it no longer makes sense I will delete or alter it.

I mostly write so far ahead in case I am not able to write for a little while. If I can’t write for three or four days I might find myself without a new post. I want to make sure that can’t happen again.

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