First Draft is Done

Admit it, this is the cutest picture ever!!!

I just finished the first draft of Resource Economies!

That’s right, the book is complete!!!

Of course, there will be a next draft, lots of edits needed. I have a pretty good idea what some of them will be… I think I have to figure out some stuff for my editing process. For example, I don’t know right now if it’s cheaper to buy a printer or do a print run at staples… I should really look at the cost per page stats. See, I need a printed copy, I need to do it with pen and paper, a full read through for structure and then character edits, then technical issues.

It’s a bunch of work still… however today I get to celebrate finishing a second novel.

I think that I’m going to write another one before I do the edits on this one (but not the same series, my edits may change the next book in the series).

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