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Recently I’ve been working on marketing and a portion of that work has been reading books and blogs on how to be a writer.

I realized something as I went through all of these resources for authors – ninety percent of them were writing books on productivity, on how to be a writer if you didn’t really care about what you were writing, just sort of a generic “I want to write for a living”.

So, I’m not that author. I’m a storyteller. All I want to do is make a living telling stories, and there’s really no shortcut to that. I can’t say “Here’s my free ebook on how to be a writer if you sign up for my email list” because I don’t write books about how to be a writer, or how to make a million sales of generic ebook number 300 on the marketing process. I write stories, I write characters and plots and worlds. That means I need to do something different.

I am going to try some of those ideas around growing a list, but my site can’t become basically a spam site. All of the dudebros selling each other (and new authors) books about how to market books are never going to be my market, I need to reach readers, people looking for fiction.

Maybe some of the readers I reach will also be authors, but I don’t know that. I do know that my current method of trying to get people to sign up for my mailing list is failing (I have three subscribers). So, maybe I’m doing it all wrong, but I think that if you are a writer, and not just someone pushing out yet another generic guide, you have to be focused on story, on prose, on producing something that is part of your voice.

We’ll see how that works for me, and how much it hinders my quest for filthy lucre.

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