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A tree lined path with a lonely figure

I just looked at my writing stats. So far this month I’ve written 20,022 words (that doesn’t include blog posts or things I’ve written on other sites, just my own fiction and journalism).

First, I’m impressed all to hell with those numbers. But that’s not even the big one. I’m at 43,181 in the last thirty days. I’ve recently upped my writing goal from a thousand words a day to two thousand, but I’ve only been doing that for a few days. So far I’m making it by the way.

Now, a tricky thing… I have a couple of days of camping coming up, I think I’m going to attempt to get ahead of my writing for that period, try to have enough in the bank that I’m still making my word count goals while I’m camping. Means upping my output for a few days, but only for a few. Not a big deal.

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